Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cybill Shepherd, Christine Taylor (and a few others)

Cybill Shepherd

Christine Taylor

Olsen Twin 1(of 2)
Christine Taylor
Olsen Twin (2 of 2)

Hitting the mother lode on Mother's Day it seems.
Cybil Shepherd (Moonlighting) looks like Christine Taylor (Mrs. Ben Stiller) who looks like the Olsen Twins (Full House) and also like Cleo Isaacs (old Indian model - so old no good pics are available that show how uncannily similar looking she and Christine Taylor are).
But then we stop here since if you look closely at Christine Taylor, she starts to resemble Jennifer Aniston and Alicia Silverstone, too, as well as Dalip Tahil. So, not going any further.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sir Laurence Olivier and Jeffrey Archer

In black&white pic, the most famous 'Hamlet' ever: Sir Laurence (Lord)Olivier. He also said the world famous lines: 'Is it safe?' in 'Marathon Man'.
In colour pic is author Jeffrey Archer, who said 'Is it safe?' everyday for 4 years until he got out of prison.

Ex-Minister | Yes, Minister

Shashi Tharoor / Jim Hacker aka Paul Eddington