Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Himanshu Joshi of Indian Ocean and, well...

This is so uncanny it's not funny. It can't be a coincidence. It has to be #sameguy only. I mean, see this.

The first time I went to see Indian Ocean this year was on 6th Feb, WITH Naren. However, I was very drunk and I remember Naren leaving me halfway through the gig. I thought he was hanging out with another friend of his, but now, reflecting, I think otherwise.

Yesterday (12 Oct 2010), I asked Naren if he wanted to come to the Indian Ocean show at MMRDA. He first said yes, later backed out citing a business meeting in a faraway land called Vasai. Methinks he was just warming up for the show.

Very, very interesting.

Oh, and clincher photo, surely: