Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Himanshu Joshi of Indian Ocean and, well...

This is so uncanny it's not funny. It can't be a coincidence. It has to be #sameguy only. I mean, see this.

The first time I went to see Indian Ocean this year was on 6th Feb, WITH Naren. However, I was very drunk and I remember Naren leaving me halfway through the gig. I thought he was hanging out with another friend of his, but now, reflecting, I think otherwise.

Yesterday (12 Oct 2010), I asked Naren if he wanted to come to the Indian Ocean show at MMRDA. He first said yes, later backed out citing a business meeting in a faraway land called Vasai. Methinks he was just warming up for the show.

Very, very interesting.

Oh, and clincher photo, surely:


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! This is the Same Guy entry of the Century! Awesomeness! The inability of the great Shenoyn to be around when Indian Ocean was playing is telling. Kudos for being such an intrepid reporter!

  2. Thanks Nikhil. When I clicked that last photo I jumped, I knew this was going to be the sameguy clincher!

  3. No.. its not the same guy.. I know Himanshu Joshi personally .. I worked with him in his company MIME productions, before he started singing full time... so.. a big No, right side guy is not at all Himanshu Joshi for your records.. !

    1. You do realise this is a sort of satire / parody site, right? Please see the rest of the entries. Nothing here is to be taken seriously ;)

  4. may be expressions are same but there's li'll bit difference between both pics..